From the 1980s onwards, GRASSL worked on large projects in Berlin. After German reunification, there was a great deal of work to do in the eastern part of Berlin and in the new states to improve the infrastructure. These initial tasks were carried out by the existing GRASSL offices. But just like in Munich or Düsseldorf, the public administration in the capital expected their contractors and partners to be on site. For this reason, a GRASSL office was opened in Berlin in 1991, initially located in a container rented from a construction company. After a few years in a former Reichsbahn building at a Torstrasse address, the office relocated to the current location in Berlin-Wilhelmsruh.

In addition to large projects such as the construction phases of the A100, the Berlin motorway, the various construction phases of the A10 and the adjacent motorways, GRASSL designed many of the bridges that shape the Berlin cityscape today, such as the Mörsch Bridge, the Minna Todenhagen Bridge, the Sandkrug Bridge, the Friedrichs Bridge and the Monbijou Bridge. GRASSL is currently participating in interesting projects in Berlin such as the 17th construction phase of the A100 , the rehabilitation of the U2 viaducts and the eastern bypass.

Rehabilitation design, structural inspections and structural checking are further services offered by our Berlin office. We make optimal use of the diverse know-how not only of our colleagues in Berlin but also of the entire GRASSL network at the various offices. As a reliable partner, we support the Berlin Senate, the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV), Deutsche Bahn GmbH and various other clients.

News from Berlin

Messe Dresden

33rd Dresden Bridge Building Symposium

From 13 to 14 March 2024, GRASSL participated once again in the 33rd Dresden Bridge Building Symposium at the Technische Universität Dresden. A big thank you to the organising team for preparing and executing these events to perfection each year!...

Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne

A new Rhine River crossing

The Cologne cityscape is dominated by the cathedral, with the historic Hohenzollern Bridge in the foreground. The proposal for an arch bridge that GRASSL submitted together with the architecture firm PPL won over the City of Cologne in the...

Widening of the B173 at Michelau

Construction progress

As part of the widening of the B173 at Michelau to four lanes, a new, approximately 160 m long prestressed hollow girder bridge (BW 5-2) will be built. With span lengths of up to 70 m, the three-span bridge will pass over the B173...


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