1. Hans-Grassl-Award 2013

2013 was the first year of the Hans-Grassl-Award. The price money of 2,000 Euro was awarded to master students of the Technische Universität Braunschweig with their study focus on steel constructions in civil engineering.

With only one month of time the students had to develop a solution for an economical bridge across the Schleusengraben in Hamburg-Harbung taking into account structural, aesthetic and urban factors.

Members of the engineering office as well as tutors of the department were part of the jury which evaluated the six submitted designs.

1st price: Joaquίn Caniza, Kay Franke, Marian Hartleb and Felix Ockelmann

2nd price: Anne Hehemann, Daniela Marx, Konrad Ritter and David Willinghöfer

3rd price: Fabian Fengler, Jani Olsen and Judith Kuttig

Visualisations of the winning design © Grassl Consulting Engineers