7th Hans-Grassl-Award 2019

For the 7th year of the Hans-Grassl-Award master students of the Technische Universität Braunschweig had to redesign the footbridge across Lotsekanal in Hamburg-Harburg (Zitadellenbrücke). With seven weeks of time the students had to consider structural, architectural and economical aspects for the design.

The jury evaluated the designs which have been submitted by the students in January.

The first place was awarded to Leon Bielenberg, Carolin Dickmann, Julian Engel, Johanna Hofer and Louis Schröder.

The second place went to Aamer Aljazzar, Pauline Falkenrich, Paula Gwizdalla and Birte Sterner as well as Laura Beutel, Anna Diekmann, Jonas Krampe, Arne Lordz and Mathias Worm.

Visualisation of the winning design © GRASSL Consulting Engineers