Extension Rüschhalbinsel, Expansion of the Airbus Landing Strip of 309.00 m in Northern Direction




ReGe Hamburg, Projekt-Realisierungsgesellschaft mbH


Partial renewal


Airbus Deutschland GmbH

Building Type

Major project

Building Location


Building Name

Rüschhalbinsel, Airbus Landing Strip in Northern Direction

Building Construction Description

The construction contains the enclosure, ground filling and flood protection of the landing strip headland for the extension of the landing strip and the excavation of a new access canal including bank walls and an additional harbour.


The extension of the landing strip with additional 309.00 m is carried out to the north in direction of the Elbe River. The landing strip headland reaches from the existing access to the Rüschhafen, to the tip of the Rüschhalbinsel and from there approximately 125.00 m into the Elbe River. The headland is filled up to NN+5.5 m. The jump of the elevation level from the landing strip to the ground of the Elbe River and Rüschhafen is carried by a bank wall construction. The new land is surrounded by flood control measures.


A new access to the Rüschhafen was created, the entrance to the inland port extended with mooring areas and new boat launches installed. The new development includes the road construction and a dike defence path with asphalt pavement.


Amount of wet soil to be moved: 300,000.00 m³

Foundation: The south eastern bank walls of the harbour is realised with the application of reinforced concrete sheet piles anchored with bored injection piles.


The bank walls of the landing strip headland are mixed pile walls. The piles are anchored with tilting anchorage.

Building Material

Steel, reinforced concrete

Services: Supervision

Construction Supervision