Rail Platform Roof, Replacement, Niebüll




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Deutsche Bahn AG

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Rail Platform Roof

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The Replacement measure at the train station Niebüll shall contribute to the atractivity of the public transportation system in Schleswig Holstein. The roof structure of the train platform are wood constructions in reference to the old wodden structure.


The dimensions of the roof construction s 61.00 x 7.70 m. The pillars are located in longitudinal direction with a distance of 5.50 m, 4 x11.00 m and 5.50 m. The length of the connected cantilever is 3.00 m.


A cantilever beam in longitudinal direction supports the roof. Later supports are two pillars, two girders and four curved braces. Additional bracings support the structure in longitudinal direction. The parts are connected by slotted panels and bolt shafts.


The roof structure is founded on the existing stair cases as well as shallow foundations.


Construction material is wood, steel and reinforced concrete.

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