Car Park Bruder-Wöhrd-Straße




Stadt Regensburg



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Car Park Bruder-Wöhrd-Straße

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Roof: reinforced concrete plate with a thickness of 60 to 80 cm which is supported by the walls of the abutment on the south side, on two side walls with connected stairs and on a wall which is the abutment of the connected crossing over the Bruder-Wöhrd-Straße. Integrated entrance and exit, 36.80 x 33.80 in the ground view, the plate pillars are located in a distance of 12.10, 9.20 and 12.10 m and support the bridge deck as well as a inserted ceiling. The ramps connect the upper and lower level. Each part including the bridge deck over the Bruder-Wöhrd-Straße is rigidly connected. The floor plate is water resistant. The ground is characterized by a backfill layer with a thickness of 3 to 5 m and a layer of gravel with a thickness of 10 -12 m. The deep foundation of the existing structure had to be reused. Additional bored piles were installed between the existing foundation and connected to a solid pile cape. The concrete quality of the plates, deck and pillars in B45, walls and foundation in B 25, reinforcement in 500 S

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Schultz-Brauns & Reinhart Architekten und Stadtplaner BDA, München

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Reinforced concrete

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