Monday, 01. June 2015

3rd Hans-Grassl-Award 2015

And the Winner is...

Visualisation © Ingenieurbüro Grassl GmbH

For the 3rd year of the Hans-Grassl-Award master students of the Technische Universität Braunschweig had to redesign a pedestrian bridge in Genthin. With one month of time the students had to consider structural, architectural and economical aspects for the design.

The jury evaluated the design which have been subjected by the students in March.

The first place was awarded to Nicola Scholl, Ulrike von Morstein, Jonas Cramer, Peter Niebuhr, Ferdinand Petschik and Erwin Thiessen.

The two second places went to Natalia Bezus, Christina Bolte, Alex Hersch, Simone Roth, Annika Saeftel and Anika Wirsbitzki as well as Christian Flack, Hendrik Brase, Georg Brachmann, Stephan Neuner and Justus Frenz.