Friday, 18. December 2015

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Presentation of Project Stages in Berlin

On december 15, 2015, the “Zukunftsforum Digitales Planen und Bauen” took place at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

More than 300 interested people listened to the presentation of a concept for the introduction of digital planning processes in the area of infrastructure.

The first phase of the project aims at the definition and development of interfaces with chosen pilot projects. The first phase should be completed until 2017 and will be followed by an extended pilot phase until 2020. Starting from 2020 the federal ministry will tender and plan projects based on BIM.

GRASSL engineers are currently involved in various pilot projects for example in Hamburg and Munich.

Goal of these pilot projects is the collection of data and knowledge as well as an exchange of experience with our clients. A close cooperation with software developers hereby allows the development of the deployed software especially focusing on BIM processes in the field of bridge and infrastructural design tasks.