Thursday, 05. February 2015

Carbon Concrete Composite

GRASSL Supports an Innovative Research Project

Source: HTWKL Leipzig

The engineering office GRASSL supports an innovative research project for the development of Carbon Concrete Composite as a new construction material. The Carbon Concrete Composite network is currently the largest research project in the German construction industry. The network of 110 partners includes public and private research facilities, corporations and organisations. The goal is to establish a new construction method with carbon concrete composite until 2020. The idea was born in Dresden on the basis of the research on textile reinforced concrete which will be transferred into a new dimension.

The consortium is one of ten projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in scope of "Zwanzig20- Partnerschaft für Innovation" with a funding of 45 Mio. Euro. The program is aimed at the development of new economic fields in the former east Germany by merging the newly formed scientific, technical and corporate expertise. This project offers a great chance to enable a fast transition from research into the build environment since innovative ideas are often limited by regulations and normative restrictions.

The engineering office GRASSL is founding member of the Carbon Concrete Composite association and research partner in the basic projects aimed at the evaluation of the structural behaviour as well as the development of design methods.