Wednesday, 04. May 2016

Motorway A3 Frankfurt-Nuremberg – Crossing of the State Road 2242 Erlangen-Fürth

Design of GRASSL Engineers achieves 1st Place

GRASSL engineers in cooperation with Firmhofer + Günther Architects were awarded with the contract for the design of the 2242 State Road bridge replacement crossing the A3. The six lane extension of the motorway A3 requires the replacement of the old crossing with a new bridge. The design was influenced by aesthetic requirements as well as traffic and construction related conditions. The construction of the new bridge has to be accomplished with a minimum interference of traffic.The low height of the superstructure as well as the obligatory free length of the main span required a supporting arch structure above the deck. To achieve a low total height, the arch is continued below the bridge deck. Both the arch and the deck are rigidly fixed to the abutments resulting in an integral structure with no bearings and joints.The design is characterized by the slender arch and deck with inclined face sides which achieve a high transparency. The alignment of the abutments to the motorway and the central position of the arch lead to an optimal appearance from distance.The arch framework girder will be pre-assembled and lifted into position which requires a closing of the motorway for one night. No traffic interference will be necessary once the installation process is completed.

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