Monday, 26. January 2015

Partly Replacement of the Echelsbacher Brücke

2nd Place for the Design Contest

The design of the Echelsbacher Brücke by the engineering office GRASSL in cooperation with Reinhart + Partner Architekten und Stadtplaner and Dr. H.M. Schober Gesellschaft für Landschaftsarchitektur reached the 2nd place in the design contest.

The old bridge in Upper Bavaria was build in 1929 and is among its traffic function a famous attraction for visitors of the Ammervalley. The structural condition of the old bridge required a replacement while preserving the existing arch.

The truss frame structure has a composite steel girder and two steel truts. With this design a minimal and elegant structure overstretching the existing arch is possible without the need of new bridge elements in the valley. The optical transparency between the arch and the girder could be improved comparing to the old bridge.

Old and new elements are distinctively separated but appear in a homogenous overall view. On both sides of the bridge pedestrian walks are separated from car traffic by conduits.

The abutments on both sides are equipped with stairways to a view platform which allow the crossing of the road with an astonishing view over the valley.