Thursday, 25. June 2015

Rhine Bridge Schierstein

First Section of the Launching Completed

Photo © Firmengruppe Max Bögl

The steel bridge Schierstein across the Rhine has a length of 1.3 km and connects Mainz and Wiesbaden. The first segments of the steel superstructure have been assembled and welded on a temporary construction during the past weeks. The new construction became necessary because of the high increase of traffic in this region ( The bridge is built on behalf of Hessen Mobil with its responsible branch in Wiesbaden.

On June 18th 2015 the first completed segment of the bridge was launched into position. The segment with a length of 142 m was launched for the first 31 m in direction of the Rhine. The next step with the remaining 64 m will be launched in a few weeks.

GRASSL engineers were responsible for the construction planning on behalf of the planning consortium. This includes the structural design of the temporary struts which support the superstructure during the launching. The large dimensions and the weight of the steel segment result in launching forces in a magnitude of 35 MN.

A video of the launching can be found on the last page following this link: