Rhine Bridge Schierstein

Third Segment Lifted Into Position

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The steel bridge Schierstein across the Rhine with a length of 1.3 km now connects Mainz and Wiesbaden. On January 19th 2016 the third major segment was lifted in between the two sections previously launched into position.

The segment with a length of 124 m and a total weight of 2000t was floated into position on the Rhine and lifted by strand jacks. The entire procedure including floating and lifting into final position lasted 12 hours. The final welding works will be completed by the end of the month.

The new construction became necessary because of the high increase of traffic in this region
(www.schiersteinerbruecke.de). The bridge is built on behalf of Hessen Mobil with its responsible branch in Wiesbaden.

GRASSL engineers were responsible for the construction planning of the bridge on behalf of the planning consortium. This includes the structural design of the derrik which supports the strand jacks.

A video version of the process can be found at:



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