Range of Services

We provide the following services for bridges, tunnel and troughs, hydraulic structures, buildings, noise barriers and traffic facilities.

Design and Planning

Feasibility studies
Basic assessment
Preliminary design
Detailed design
Planning for approval
Construction planning
Preparation of tendering
Assistance for tendering
Structural analysis
Construction drawings
Workshop planning
BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Visualisation tools:

Photorealistic visualisations
Real-time model
Construction simulation
Driving simulation
360° panorama view
Video animations (real-time animation, frame-sequence)

Supervision and Support
Inspection and Surveillance
Construction management
Construction supervision
Construction engineering and documentation
Technical examination
Welding examination
Production and quality monitoring
Health and safety coordination
Damage assessment
Building inspection
Expert report
Building monitoring
Object related damage analysis
Economic calculation
Maintenance Management
Life-circle analysis
Grading test
Recalculation for heavy goods transport
Residual life time prediction
Fracture mechanical analysis
Ligitation support
Structural Checking
Software Development