Motorway A7, 6-/8-Lane Extension from Exit HH-Othmarschen to the State Border of HH/SH


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DEGES, Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und bau GmbH




Bundesrepublik Deutschland

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Major project

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6-/8-Lane Extension, Motorway A7

Building Construction Description

Extension of the A7 in both directions with one additional lane in two of three planning sections with a length of 4.30 km in section Schnelsen and 3.15 km in section Othmarschen.


Two variants were analysed during the design phase for both planning sections: "Required Noise Protection" and "Optimal City Development". In the solution "Required Noise Protection" noise protection walls are exchanged by tunnels. This solution includes one noise protection tunnel with a length of 550.00 m and approximately 7.00 km noise protection walls, the new construction of two undercrossings and two culverts as well as one abutment backup. traffic sign bridges allow the installation of a traffic control system.


The section Othmarschen includes a noise protection tunnel with a length of 2.00 km, one solid gallery with a length of 220.00 m, 430.00 m overhead noise barrier for the ramps of exit Bahrenfeld, 1.60 km noise protection walls, two pedestrian walks and traffic sign bridges. The service was completed by the planning of the road illumination for all three sections.

Building Construction Creative Consulting

Lang Hugger Rampp, München

Services: Planning

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Static Constructive Checks

Dipl.-Ing. Holger Cordes

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