Motorway A10, 8-Lane Extension between Interchange Nuthetal and Potsdam, Solar Noise Protection Walls, New Construction, Berlin


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DEGES, Deutsche Einheit Fernstra├čenplanungs- und bau GmbH



Building Type

Major project

Building Location


Building Name

Interchange Nuthetal to Interchange Potsdam, Motorway A10

Building Construction Description

This planning section includes the widening of the 6-lane motorway to 8 lanes under continued traffic with 6+0 traffic routeing.


The planning section of the motorway A10 proceeds in east-west direction between interchange Nuthetal and Potsdam. The section hast a length of approximately 9.7 km.



Three motorway bridges (reinforced concrete constructions), two railway bridges (one bowstring bridge and one steel composite frame structure) one pedestrian bridge (steel structure), noise protection walls (length 5,400.00 m, height up to 10.00 m), traffic sign bridges.

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Preliminary Design

Detailed Design

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