U2 Extension - Station Bad Homburg, new construction, Bad Homburg


In progress


Stadtbahngesellschaft Bad Homburg mbH


New construction

Building Type

Subway tunnel

Building Location

Bad Homburg

Building Name

U2 Extension - Station Bad Homburg, new construction, Bad Homburg

Building Technique

Dig-and-cast method, cut-and-cover method

Building Construction Description

Closed tunnel in open construction, partially cut and cover method using bored piles, 3 bridges, supporting walls, stream tunnel, slab track, retention basins

Building Material

Steel, steel composite, concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, shotcrete, precast concrete, masonry

Building Overall Length 1.650,00 m
Construction Width 28,00 m
Services: Planning

Feasibility Studies

Basic Assessment

Preliminary Design

Detailed Design

Construction Planning

Preparation of Tendering

Structural Analysis

Construction Drawings


Building Information Modelling

Services: Supervision

Construction Supervision

Project Management

Consultant Services for the Client

Services: Verification

Damage Analyses

Additional Services

Track possessions, life cycle, construction site regulation, traffic guidance during construction, testing catalogue, fire calculation