Hans Grassl

Hans Grassl was born on January 20, 1908 in Vienna and studied civil engineering at Vienna University of Technology. After his period at Waagner-Biró in Vienna and at the Supreme Building Authority of the Reichsautobahn in Hannover he changed to the steel construction company Rheinstahl-Eggers in Hamburg in 1937. There he stayed as a director until 1947. In 1973 he received the title of honorary doctor from the Technische Universität Braunschweig honouring his achievements in the development of structural engineering especially in the field of bridge building.

In 70 years after their foundation in 1947 GRASSL has become a nationwide service contractor. Starting in Hamburg new offices were opened in Düsseldorf and Munich with an expansion to the eastern region after the opening of the Berlin Wall. Today, our workforce has grown to about 200 employees in 8 locations.

Facts and Figures

Here you can find the most important steps in our corporate history as well as dates of the completion of some of our most important projects.

1947 Foundation of the engineering office GRASSL in Hamburg by Dipl.-Ing. Hans Grassl who was supported only by free staff members first. Permanent placement of the staff followed within the next years. The office was contracted with its first bridge projects and the restoration of the VW manufactory in Wolfsburg.
1954 Foundation of the engineering office in Düsseldorf
1956 Theodor-Heuss-Brücke (flood bridge on the left side of the Rhine River), Düsseldorf
1957 Loithalbrücke BAB A8, Bavaria
1958 Kauppenbrücke BAB A3, Bavaria
1960 Flyover Jan-Wellem-Platz, Düsseldorf
1961 Mangfallbrücke Miesbach, Bavaria
Heidingsfeld Valley Bridge BAB A3 Würzburg, Bavaria
1963 Fehmarnsundbrücke, Island Fehmarn
Jülicher Brücke, Düsseldorf
1964 San Mateo Highway, San Francisco Bay
1970 Foundation of the engineering office in Munich
1971 Konrad-Adenauer-Brücke, Bonn-Süd

Elevated bridge Rader Insel, Rendsburg
Bridge across the Main River Hoechst, Frankfurt-Sindlingen

1974 Franklinbrücke, Düsseldorf
Metro bridge, Frankfurt/Main
Railway bridge Süderelbe, Hamburg
1975 Köhlbrandbrücke, Hamburg
1976 Bridge across the Rhine River Oberkassel, Düsseldorf
1978 Billhafenbrücke, Hamburg
1979 Bridge across the Danube River Schwabelweis, Regensburg
Bridge across the Rhine River Flehe, Düsseldorf
1981 Heinrich-Erhard-Brücke, Düsseldorf
Elevated bridge Levensau across the Kiel Canal, Kiel
1984 Bridge across the Danube River Fischerdorf, Deggendorf
1985 Railway bridge Grosshesselohe, Munich
Norderelbebrücke, Hamburg
1986 Mettlach Saar Barrage, Saarbrücken
1987 Bridge across the Danube River Donaustauf, Regensburg
1988 Fuhlsbüttler Straße, Hamburg
1990 ICE Train Yard, Hamburg
1991 Foundation of the engineering office in Berlin
Due to the reunification of the old and new States of Germany it became possible to expand the activities to the eastern region.
Bridge across the Rhine River Emscher-Schnellweg, Duisburg/Baerl
Cable service vehicle for the annual inspection of the bridges across the Rhine River Düsseldorf
1992 Railway connection Hannover-Berlin
1993 Foundation of the engineering office in Greifswald
1994 Subsidence of the Rheinuferstraße Düsseldorf
1995 Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin
1996 Bridge across the Elbe River Hämerten
Flood protection Landungsbrücken Ost, Hamburg
Waterway intersection Magdeburg
1997 Foundation of the engineering offices in Magdeburg and Brandenburg/Zepernick
1998 Bridge across the Elde River, Lübz
1999 Langerfeld Valley Bridge BAB A1
2000 Connection A100-A102 across the Teltow Canal, Berlin
Bridge across the Danube River, Deggendorf
Karl-Branner-Brücke across the Fulda River, Kassel
Viaduct Rödingsmarkt, Hamburg
2001 Bridge across the Britzer Junction Canal Südostallee, Berlin
Bridge across the Havel River, Strodehne, Brandenburg
Bridge across the Isar River, Grünwald
Tunnel BAB A100 district Britz, Berlin
Underpass Waltershofer Damm, Hamburg
2002 Bridge across the Danube River, Vilshofen
BAB A7 4th tube Elbtunnel, Hamburg
BAB A44 Airport bridge across the Rhine River, Düsseldorf
Schleibrücke, Kappeln
Viaduct Barmbeker Markt, Hamburg
2003 Isarbrücke Plattling
Canal bridge Magdeburg
Lechbrücke Gersthofen
Bypass Greifswald, bridge across the DB
2004 Berliner Brücke, Halle an der Saale
BAB A113 Bridge across the Teltow Canal, Berlin Treptow
Mörschbrücke, Berlin
Neissebrücke, Görlitz
Nibelungenbrücke, Regensburg
Bypass Stralsund, bridge across DB
Metro Düsseldorf Kölnerstr./ Siegburgerstr.
2007 Northern part of Monbijoubrücke Museumsinsel, Berlin-Mitte
Metro bridge Reichsbahnstraße, Hamburg
2008 BAB A281, BA 2/1 corner joint Bremen
Pedestrian bridge Auer Mühlbach, Munich
Ziegelgrabenbrücke, Stralsund
2009 Foundation of the engineering office in Itzehoe
2010 Steel viaduct Binnenhafen, Hamburg
Railway bridge across the Aland River, Wittenberge
Störbrücke, Itzehoe

BAB A10 Railway bridge Ferch Lienewitz, Berlin
Railway parallel to Greifswald

2012 Undercrossing Saarlandstraße
Undercrossing Sierichstraße
2013 Bascule Bridge Rotes Siel
Deelbögebrücke, Hamburg
Mittelland Canal Overcrossing Elbeu
Steinerne Brücke, Regensburg
2014 Friedrichsbrücke, Berlin
Klosterbrücke, Eberswalde
Carl-Ulrich-Brücke, Frankfurt
2015 Foundation of the engineering office in Stuttgart
Störbrücke Itzehoe (1.+2. BA)
Huntebrücke, Berne

Mahatma-Gandhi-Brücke, Hamburg
Zitadellenbrücke, Hamburg
Railway Bridge, Emden
Pedestrian Bridge Genthin


GRASSL celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation.


Rethebrücke, Hamburg

Minna-Todenhagen-Brücke, Berlin