GRASSL - more than 70 years of quality and experience

construction engineering

Substantial design and convincing drafts are the key elements of our services. New presentation techniques - such as visualisations – are applied not only to improve comprehension and transparency but as a distinct instrument during the design and creation process.

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construction management

The quality of our service is based on a support beyond the basic design. Our clients will not be left by themselves during the realization of their project. GRASSL will provide them with support and organisation at any time

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Construction monitoring

Our engineers are able to create realistic predictions, risk assessment, life cycle and failure analyses if the inventory has to be reviewed.

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Checking Engineers

Due to the close cooperation and teamwork with our checking engineers, staff members are able to aid and assist substantially by providing further expertise and potential. This allows the structural checking of complex and intricate projects in the area of structural steel, reinforced concrete and composite structures within acute the short time limits.

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GRASSL is a name which has been representing quality and experience for more than 70 years. The engineering offices are especially committed to the field of structural engineering with wide experience and know-how for special tasks. The licensed checking engineers associated with our offices are supported by a large team of professionals to prevent any time shortage. These are the qualities which have made us strong: punctuality, cost reliability and sensitive response to the wishes of our clients.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)