Railway Connection 2124, Plattling Ost Bypass - Bridge over the Isar River


In progress


Staatliches Bauamt Passau, Servicestelle Deggendorf


New construction

Building Type

Road bridge

Building Location


Building Name

Plattling Ost Bypass, Bridge over the Isar

Building Technique

Temporary accommodation frame, lifting / assembly of prefabricated parts

Building Material Superstructure

Steel composite

Building Material Foundation

Reinforced concrete

Building Area Size 6.717,00 m²
Building Overall Length 606,20 m
Construction Height 1,60 m
Construction Width 12,00 m
Supporting Structure Type

Arch with elevated deck


Abutment, Pillars / Columns

Distance Between Supports

37.09 m + 5 x 41.43 m + 10.36 m + 145.00 m + 10.36 m + 4 x 41.43 m + 30.52 m


Drilled pile foundation

Services: Planning

Basic Assessment

Preliminary Design

Detailed Design

Planning for Approval

Construction Planning

Preparation of Tendering

Assistance for Tendering

Structural Analysis

Construction Drawings


Services: Supervision

Construction Management

Construction Engineering and Documentation

Construction Supervision

Production and Quality Monitoring

Consultant Services for the Client

Static Constructive Checks

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Seiler, Dipl.-Ing. Thilo Weischedel