From design to management and checking

The advancing digitalisation leads to ever more areas of application for the metrological, sensor-based monitoring of structures. By recording real actions and structural reactions, structural health monitoring (SHM) creates new possibilities for the assessment and maintenance of ageing infrastructure structures. Measurement technology can also support and complement structural inspections, thus facilitating predictive maintenance strategies.e Einsatzbereiche. So schafft das Bauwerksmonitoring durch die Erfassung realer Bauwerksreaktionen und Einwirkungen neue Möglichkeiten zur Bewertung und zum Erhalt gealterter Infrastrukturbauwerke. Auch die Bauwerksprüfung kann durch Messtechnik sinnvoll unterstützt und ergänzt werden, wodurch eine prädiktive Instandhaltungsstrategie greifbar wird.

GRASSL engineers possess extensive experience in structural health monitoring. In multiple projects, they have been able to integrate the specific challenges and possibilities of SHM in the consideration of various topics. These projects demonstrate, for example, how the remaining service life of steel bridges can be extended, how the tender for SHM for an inner-urban tunnel structure is carried out successfully or how the SHM of a complex new build is considered in the very first stages of design. Furthermore, SHM methods are used to support structural inspections via specific interfaces.