A3 - The motorway for Europe

Special publication

The A3 federal motorway is an important west-south connection. It runs from the Dutch border through the Ruhr district, the Rhine-Main district and right through Bavaria to the Austrian border. In order to maintain the efficiency of this connection, a 175 km section of the motorway is extended to carry six lanes of traffic. This project focuses both on the efficiency of the motorway and on road safety, sustainability and the quality of life for the people residing near the A3. Furthermore, visually pleasing structures are to be created.

GRASSL engineers are contributing to the A3 extension by carrying out the design and delivering planning services for the first structure in the area of the Fürth/Erlangen motorway intersection and by executing the structural checking of various bridge constructions. The design of the truss arch bridge combines good looks with functionality and durability. The aim was to create an innovative new bridge, as well as make a contribution to sustainability.

Further information on the A3 extension project can be found in the Crossmedia special publication of 27/28 November 2020. A detailed presentation of the truss arch bridge at the Fürth/Erlangen junction is given on page 25.

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