All systems go in Kolbermoor

Opening of the railway overpass

The replacement of the railway overpass in Kolbermoor has been discussed for decades and is high on the residents’ wish list. This challenging construction project was finally commenced and then completed on time last year, within budget and to everyone’s satisfaction, so that the overpass was able to be opened to traffic with a ceremony on 27 July 2021.

Special challenges of this project were the construction of the foundation in settlement-prone marine clay soil and the fact that construction needed to be adapted to the operating schedule of the railway.

The railway overpass is a reinforced concrete frame. The three-span superstructure is connected monolithically with the exterior frame walls and the two interior rows of columns. In order to allow railway operation to continue without interruption, the overpass was constructed in two halves, one after the other. Due to the risk of settlement in the marine clay soil, the structure is supported on CSV columns. The high groundwater level required the underpass to be executed as a water-proof trough.

GRASSL engineers carried out the general and structural design tasks for this structure.

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