Construction site visit

Train station in Ludwigslust

Another milestone has been reached in the Ludwigslust train station tunnel project.

Our Hamburg and Berlin colleagues were able to observe live the moving of an important segment of the tunnel, tracks and auxiliary bridges.

The frame element is 9.15 m long, 8.0 m high and weighs 1,200 metric tons. With the aid of hydraulic pumps and threaded rods, the element was quickly moved to its final position. The method chosen by #Implenia allowed the element to be propelled forward smoothly and with high precision along the skidway.

The final two elements are currently being produced and will be placed this summer. The #frame structure will then be complete, and soon the entire construction will have been finalised.

We poured all our efforts into the preliminary, detailed and approval designs and the preparation of the tender documents for this engineering structure and the entire excavation.    We also carried out the execution design and the structural analysis for the approval design of all construction pits and auxiliary bridges.

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