BIM coordination


We would like to congratulate our colleagues Berta Lema Rivera and Alexander Wellenhofer: last Friday, they received their certificate as BIM coordinators from buildingSMART Germany! They are two of the first BIM coordinators in Germany certified by buildingSMART. Their commitment and hard work have paid off, and we are proud to have them in our team.

Due to the increasing importance of building information modelling (BIM), the demand for qualified BIM coordinators and experts is on the rise. It is expected that clients will attach increasing importance to BIM expertise and expect certificates or proof of qualifications to be provided. The certificates show that the BIM coordinator has the required knowledge, abilities and experience to successfully coordinate and implement BIM projects.

We are proud to be able to demonstrate our BIM coordination competence not only by our experience in numerous reference projects, but now also with the pertinent certificates.

We congratulate Berta and Alexander on their success!

This certification is an important milestone in their professional career and a sign of their commitment to continuing learning and growth.

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