Bridge over the Main River in Horhausen

Moving and floating of the bridge superstructure

On 28 November 2002, with fog but no wind and calm waters, the steel superstructure of the bridge over the Main River in Horhausen was successfully moved across the river.

The bridge, which has a span length of 100 m, was raised to 7 m initially and placed on scaffold columns which were transported to the shore by self-propelled modular transporters. Two pontoons were used to float the superstructure 60 m longitudinally and approximately 30 m laterally across the Main River, to a temporary position. The weight of the superstructure including the formwork of the steel–concrete composite deck slab and scaffolding on the pontoons was about 1,200 metric tons. In mid-2021, the bridge was opened to traffic in its temporary location. The existing bridge and substructure were subsequently demolished. The moving of the approach and river spans to their final position will occur during a closure of road St2426.

The bridge over the Main River in Horhausen consists of river spans (tied-arch bridge), approach spans and a frame over the railway.

GRASSL was commissioned by the Schweinfurt building authority to carry out work phases 1–6 (design).

Determination of the project requirements, preliminary and detailed design, application for planning permission, execution design, tender preparation, planning of the traffic infrastructure, consultancy during construction, 2D water level analysis and determination of the bottom shear stress during construction and in the final state.

Further information about the project and construction: https://mainbruecke-horhausen.de/




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