Bridge over the Regnitzgrund in Erlangen

First prize in design competition

Together with Firmhofer + Günther Architekten und Toponauten Landschaftsarchitekten, GRASSL engineers have, by the unanimous vote of the panel of judges, been awarded first prize in the design and ideas competition for the general and structural design of the 1,500 m long public transport bridge for the Stadt-Umland-Bahn StUB tram system, which included landscaping plans for the open spaces around the bridge.

Assessment of the panel of judges (extracts from the judging panel meeting on 27 April 2021):

"The design lends itself completely to the concept of a bridge designed to minimalist principles suspended over the Regnitzgrund in Erlangen. The very successful combination of the design elements in longitudinal view and cross section gives the slim structure a harmony, ensuring that it blends in clearly and as a matter of course with the sensitive surroundings."

"The undulation of the bridge superstructure in the area of the Regnitz crossing provides a truly pleasant aspect to the spans, which are necessarily greater here, thus conveying the statical purity of the design even to observers without any knowledge of structural design."

With this bridge design, the authors have realised a sophisticated engineering construction with elegance and symbolism in a sensitive landscape. A bridge has been designed which, while producing an effect of lightness, continuity and compatibility, also adds an aesthetic element to the flood plain. It must be emphasised that absolutely no concession will have to be made in the function required and crossing the Regnitzgrund will become an experience."

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