A double YES to Regnitz Bridge and Manching!

We are very happy about the outcome of the two referendums: a double YES to the Stadt-Umland-Bahn tramway in Erlangen and to the second bridge over the Paar River in Manching!

In Erlangen, a referendum on the proposed construction of a tramway system was held at the same time as the European elections. A further referendum was held in Manching.  

Both projects have been given the green light, and we are very happy about it, as we have been tasked with the design of both of these important transport infrastructure projects.

Regnitz Bridge: we came in touch with the bridge over the Regnitzgrund three years ago. In 2021, we won the design competition and were awarded the design of the 1.5 km integral steel−concrete composite bridge.

After years of political discussions, we are finally able to get started on the design of the bridge over the Regnitzgrund, the centrepiece of the 26 km Stadt-Umland-Bahn tramway connecting Nuremberg, Erlangen and Herzogenaurach. This modern intercity tramway will play an important role in city and overland transport.

Manching: the construction of a second bridge over the Paar River in the Manching city centre has been approved. This bridge will extend the Schulstrasse and Paarstrasse across the river to the Niederfelder Strasse. The construction of this bridge is important because an existing reinforced concrete pedestrian bridge needs to be replaced due to flood protection reasons and a second road bridge in the city will provide much-needed redundancy.

We are proud to be part of these important infrastructure projects and are looking forward to the next steps!

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