Construction of the U81 city rail line in Düsseldorf

Construction starts at the Nordstern Bridge

Construction for the new U81 city rail line in Düsseldorf has started. The first construction phase will create a direct link between the city’s airport and Messe Düsseldorf.

The new line will connect to the existing tracks of the U79 city rail line north of the existing Freiligrathplatz station. Via a ramp structure, the rail line will continue to the Nordstern Bridge which crosses the Nordstern traffic interchange (intersection A44 / B8 with an additional level for traffic). North of the A44 federal motorway, the U81 line will continue on a dam structure and another bridge to reach gate 1 of the airport. The city rail line will then descend via a ramp and eventually enter a tunnel to reach the Airport Terminal station.

Construction is being carried out in parallel on several structures. The completion of the wiring works and sewer construction permitted initial construction activities to commence in May 2020. Currently, the large-diameter bored piles with an inclination of up to 1:4 for one of the Nordstern Bridge’s abutments are being produced, amongst other things.

With the construction of the ‘breathing’ Nordstern Bridge over the next few years, the city will gain an attractive and innovative structure. GRASSL has been responsible for work phases 1 to 7 of all structures of the elevated track (from Freiligrathplatz station to the bridge at airport gate 1). GRASSL is further lending consulting services to the client during construction.

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