Creative bridge solutions for the future of cycling

GRASSL mentors student design

The streets of Munich are saturated and the air is in need of improvement. More space and attractive connecting routes should be offered to cyclists. This is certainly the case from Munich's inner city along Hessstraße through the Kreativquartier into the Olympic Park. The obstacle along the way is the Schwere-Reiter-Straße with a total of six traffic lanes, pedestrian and cycle tracks on both sides and two tram tracks outlined by green strips in the centre. Four groups of students under the supervision of their professor, Martin Mensinger, have designed creative solutions for this crossing. Each group was further mentored by an engineering firm – GRASSL was delighted to take on this responsibility.

The result was the winged bridge – a cable-stayed bridge, the pylon and network of net-like contact protection of which echoes the local architecture of the Olympic Park. There are steps for pedestrians on both sides of the Schwere-Reiter-Straße, and the connecting ramps are integrated into the urban development context – in the south by additional seating steps leading to the Kreativquartier and use of the space beneath the ramp for a glass-enclosed bar or as an exhibition space, for example, and in the north for parking spaces.

On the evening of Wednesday 17 July 2019, all four designs were presented to local politicians, interested citizens and stakeholders. The following newspaper article shows the other successful designs:


We congratulate all the students, in particular Johanna Kratzer, Franziska Seeber, Peter Rumelsberger and Benjamin Best, on these excellent projects and wish them continued success in their studies!

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