Datteln bypass

Floating of the steel superstructure

On the weekend of 11 to 13 December 2020, the steel superstructure of the bridge over the Dortmund–Ems Canal in Datteln, on the new Datteln bypass, was successfully floated across the canal.

The bridge, which has a span length of 129 m and a total width of 16.75 m, was erected on shore. After being raised to the top of the abutment, it was placed on self-propelled modular transporters and moved to the water. Subsequently, it was floated 75 m across the canal first by one and then by two pontoons.

The weight of the superstructure including the formwork of the steel–concrete composite deck slab and the auxiliary constructions on the pontoons was about 1,500 metric tons.

GRASSL performed the services of work phases 1 to 3 and 6 for the Straßen NRW state agency.

Further information about the project, its execution and a video of the floating process can be found at:


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