GRASSL employee Sina Petersen, M.Sc., from Hamburg wins 3rd place

Last Friday, 29 November 2019, the EUROPA-CENTER Suhr BIM Prize was awarded in the HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU) for the first time.

Prizes were awarded to BIM architecture and civil engineering theses which demonstrate the cooperative aspect of collaboration with BIM and the linking of individual work processes based on digital structure data models.

The Master's thesis of Ms Petersen, M.Sc., “Vergleich der konventionellen Entwurfsplanung und der Anwendung BIM-gestützter Methoden am Beispiel einer Autobahnüberführung mit Verbundquerschnitt” (Comparison of conventional preliminary design and the application of BIM-supported methods in the example of a motorway overpass with a steel–concrete composite cross section), which she wrote under the supervision of GRASSL engineers, was awarded an outstanding 3rd place. The rationale of the panel of judges is as follows:

"The Master's thesis focusses both on linking individual work processes based on the BIM methodology and on the cooperative aspect of collaboration with BIM. The author's success is due to a comprehensive analysis from a structural engineering perspective and a specific example of infrastructure engineering. The thesis has a clear structure, a high degree of precision regarding the subject matter and a good balance between theory and practice. The thesis represents an added value for the standard testing of structural elements of infrastructure constructions and addresses important challenges of working with BIM, such as the transferability of the 3D design model to the structural analysis model."

In the absence of Ms Petersen, M.Sc., Mr Dipl.-Ing. Seifried of the GRASSL Hamburg office accepted the prize on her behalf.

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