Extension of the U2 from Gonzenheim to Bad Homburg

Commission for the construction phase

After having carried out the general planning for the extension of the U5 to München-Pasing and the U6 to Martinsried near Munich, GRASSL has now been commissioned to provide services for the new construction phase of the U2 in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt.

The town of Bad Homburg is planning to link the Frankfurt U2 outer metro axis at the existing Gonzenheim above-ground city rail station to the planned Regionaltangente West regional bypass, which will connect the western districts of Frankfurt with the surrounding districts and towns and the airport.

The track for the city rail extension starts south-east of the present Gonzenheim U2 terminus and ends at the Bad Homburg railway station. The track to be built is about 1,650 m long.

The existing terminus will be dismantled completely and instead an underground station will be built further west – closer to the city centre.

The transfer from the above-ground route west and east of the Gonzenheim underground station is achieved by means of tunnels and trough structures. The tunnel route between the portals extends over a total length of approximately 350 m.

Further outbound, the route crosses a stream and two roads, which are each bypassed with bridge structures.

At the new Bad Homburg above-ground terminus, renovation works will take place on the existing railway station.

GRASSL engineers are providing the general design for the engineering constructions and the structural design with the BIM method for all the engineering constructions for the new city rail section from Gonzenheim to Bad Homburg, in particular the station, the tunnel, diversion of a stream flowing inside a canal, the trough structures and the bridges.


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