Green light at Lake Constance

Formal opening ceremony and opening to traffic of the Waggershausen Tunnel near Friedrichs

700 metres long, twin-tube cross section, 6,000 metric tons of steel, 34,000 cubic metres of concrete and thousands of square metres of mastic asphalt: these are only a few of the staggering figures involved in the Waggershausen tunnel, which is part of the construction of the B31 federal highway at Lake Constance.
Last week, the formal opening took place, and the tunnel was opened to traffic between Immenstadt and Friedrichshafen/Waggershausen. Federal Minister for Transport, Andreas Scheuer, Transport Minister for Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Hermann, the mayor of Friedrichshafen, Andreas Brand, and the district president, Klaus Tappeser, were delighted about the relief of traffic in the inner city and the successful design, as were the citizens present.
GRASSL engineers were involved in the determination of the project requirements, the preliminary and detailed design and the tender preparation for the Waggershausen tunnel. By the way, the Waggershausen tunnel is one of the first new federal highway tunnels to be managed and monitored by the Baden-Württemberg Mobility Centre (Mobilitätszentrale Baden-Württemberg).

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