Nomination of truss arch bridge

Deutscher Ingenieurpreis Straße und Verkehr

We are happy that our truss arch bridge at the Fürth/Erlangen motorway junction has been nominated for the "Deutscher Ingenieurpreis Straße und Verkehr" in the category "Baukultur". The Bundesvereinigung der Straßen- und Verkehrsingenieure (BSVI) gives out this award each odd year for three categories. Three submissions per category have been nominated to proceed to the next phase of the two-stage selection process.
The nominated truss arch bridge illustrates the core principles of our activities beautifully:
Connecting people – the A3 crosses Germany from the Dutch to the Austrian border. And this European west-south connection is currently being widened to three lanes.
Paving ways – traditionally delicate meets sturdy: this extremely shallow structure at the start of the motorway spans the 70 m wide road without any intermediate columns. This is made possible due to the innovative union of arch and truss bridge.
Creating Baukultur – cars frequently drive over arch bridges and truss bridges. The arch truss bridge, however, is unique! Aesthetically, the bridge is adapted to its regional environment and it represents a sustainable solution in terms of traffic and the environment.

Further information about the Deutscher Ingenieurpreis der Straßen- und Verkehrsingenieure can be found here.

More information about the truss arch bridge can be found here.

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