Project Days 2023

30th anniversary plus 2

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 30th anniversary celebration of our Berlin office in 2021 had to be cancelled. All the better to celebrate it during this year’s project days in lovely weather in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Schwielow. On 14 and 15 September, all GRASSL employees met in Werder (Havel).

Just like in other years, there were interesting presentations and workshops and many opportunities to establish new contacts and deepen old ones. A dragon boat race was held and employees honoured. The two days concluded with a beautiful evening event and a lively party.

We would like to thank all interested parties, participants and the entire GRASSL team for the great collaboration.

Impressions of the presentations, the exchanges, the dragon race, the evening event and a further highlight, a film with an original sounds and spectacular aerial photography, can be found here.

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