Transfer of business from TW+ Thilo Weischedel Ingenieure GmbH to Ingenieurbüro

Intensified collaboration

Since 2015, at the Stuttgart base, TW+ Thilo Weischedel Ingenieure GmbH and Ingenieurbüro GRASSL GmbH have shared a busy office. After numerous successful joint projects the next step in intensifying collaboration has been taken.

On 1st July 2021 all the business of TW+ Thilo Weischedel Ingenieure GmbH has been transferred to Ingenieurbüro GRASSL GmbH.

After 30 years of Mr Thilo Weischedel's independence, this step ensures that the business will continue to develop. We are also proud that with the inclusion of Mr Bernhard Weischedel as a partner in Ingenieurbüro GRASSL GmbH the fourth generation is standing by to carry the success story, which has lasted almost 75 years, forward into the future.

This changes nothing for our business partners. The same established team, including the executive board, remains unchanged. Mr Thilo Weischedel continues to remain in complete charge of the Stuttgart base. We continue to support your projects with great commitment and a wealth of ideas. We are ideally equipped for the challenges of the future.

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