VSVI Seminar in Hamburg

Presentation on the Okavango River Bridge

In May and June of this year, the VSVI Seminar is taking place on the premises of the Katholische Akademie Hamburg, Herrengraben 4. Once again, several speakers have kindly agreed to provide information about current topics relating to road construction and transport and to present interesting upcoming projects. At the first seminar block on 17 May 2022 on the topic of structural engineering, which was moderated by Martin Grassl, our colleague Thomas Benz gave a presentation on the unique Okavango River Bridge in Botswana, which will soon be opened to traffic after a four-year construction period. Since 2007 we have been accompanying this fantastic construction, which was designed and checked by us. We are happy about this successful event!

You can find further information under: VSVI Seminar 2022 (in German)

Photo (from left to right): Raimund Brodehl (VSVI), Tanja Windhorst (VSVI), Nele Tewis (HPA), Niklas Luka Krause (LSBG), Martin F. Bornhöft (HPA), Thomas Benz (GRASSL), Martin Grassl (GRASSL)



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