Wehrbrücke bridge in Geesthacht

Rehabilitation progresses

On behalf of the Schleswig-Holstein state agency for road construction and traffic (LBV.SH), the damaged Wehrbrücke bridge over the Elbe River in Geesthacht (B404) is currently undergoing complete rehabilitation. Work started at the end of last year. On 4 July 2022, a further rehabilitation phase commenced, which requires the B404 to be closed until 24 August 2022. This construction phase of the complete rehabilitation of the Wehrbrücke bridge in Geesthacht includes the following works: replacement of the bridge pavement including waterproofing, replacement of the expansion joints at the bridge ends, pouring of a concrete counterweight in the bridge abutments, strengthening of the bottom plate with concrete including closing of the construction openings of the top plate of the bridge deck, strengthening of bridge pier 6 by replacing the support, and replacement of the supports in the axis of the bridge abutments.

The rehabilitation of the eastern pedestrian path will continue at the same time.

GRASSL engineers will be responsible for the construction supervision of this project.

A short report about the construction work can be found at:

https://www.sat1regional.de/bauarbeiten-an-elbbruecke-bei-geesthacht-gehen-gut-voran/ (in German)





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