Motorway A10, 6-lane extension Berliner Ring, widening

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Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt


The planning section of motorway A10 proceeds from the western border of the City Berlin from the interchange Pankow through the area of Berlin-Buch and Berlin-Karow. The planning section has a length of 5.4 km. The motorway section will include 6 lanes with a width of 2 x 14.50 m (standard section RQ 35.5). Constructions: Two road bridges (one prestressed concrete, one steel composite structure), four motorway bridges (reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete structures), two railway bridges (steel construction), noise protection walls (length approximately 2,000.00 m, height up to 8.00 m), supporting walls, traffic sign bridges.



Services Grassl

Preliminary design, detailed design, construction planning, preparation of tendering, technical examination