Motorway A113, bridge over the Teltow Canal, construction Ru 11

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Year of completion


Type of intervention

New construction

Contracting authority

Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt


Bundesrepublik Deutschland


Trough section with three single compartment hollow box sections and interjacent concrete carriageway slab on composite longitudinal girders. The longitudinal girders are bolted to the lateral girders and therefore replaceable during maintenance works. Exterior pedestrian walks.



Type of structure

Road bridge

Construction method

Lifting / assembly of prefabricated parts

Construction material of superstructure

Reinforced concrete, steel, steel composite

Total length

150,00 m

Type of structural system

Trough bridge

Span lengths

66,50m + 82,90m

Construction height

4,50 m

Construction width

40,50 m


Prof. Burkhard, Hamburg

Services Grassl

Preliminary design, detailed design, construction planning, preparation of tendering, technical examination