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Extension of the Airbus runway in southern direction

Year of completion


Type of intervention

Partial renewal

Contracting authority

ReGe Hamburg


Airbus Deutschland GmbH


Extension of the runway Finkenwerder for the A380 of 589.00 m in southern direction. The extension to the south required the removal of the embankment Neß-Hauptdeich and parts of the embankment Neuenfelder Hauptdeich. The first step included the relocation of the embankment line to the new embankment around the extended area of Mühlenberger Sand. Another measure was the replacement of the connecting road between Finkenwerder and Cranz on a new route. The extension of the runway was completed and released to Airbus on July 2007. During the entire construction phase the flight traffic remained in operation.



Services Grassl

, construction supervision

Services provided by engineering consortium