Okavango river bridge

Tusks for biodiversity

connecting people

The Okavango River originates in the Bié Plateau in central Angola, Africa. It runs through the desert-like interior of Botswana and flows into a river delta. This delta is where we find the exceptional amount of different plant and animal species that attract tourists from all over the world. To facilitate access to the north-eastern part of the delta, it was decided to create a connection with a cable-stayed bridge instead of relying on the existing ferry services.

paving the way

At the location of the bridge, the permanent river bed of the Okavango River is approximately 120?m wide. There are large flood areas on either side of the river which experience yearly floods reaching several metres. The approach spans ensure that these natural retention areas are not affected by the construction.

A-pylons shaped like towering tusks create a gate to the Okavango delta. They are also a symbol of the fact that Africa’s largest elephant population is found here in Botswana.

creating construction culture

Construction started in 2018. The structure is an important contribution to the development of the infrastructure of the Okavango Delta. For the people living east of the river, this bridge is a way to cross the water that is not affected by the water level or ferry timetables and ensures access to the nearby village of Mohembo and to healthcare, amongst other things.

Year of completion


Type of intervention

New construction

Contracting authority

CPP Botswana (Pty) Ltd


Roads Department Botswana


Mohembo, Botswana

Type of structure

Road bridge

Construction method


Construction material of superstructure

Reinforced concrete, steel, steel composite

Total length

488,70 m

Type of structural system

Cable-stayed bridge

Span lengths

44,35 m + 100,00 m + 200,00 m + 100,00 m + 44,35

Construction width

12,40 m

Services Grassl

Basic assessment, preliminary design, detailed design, planning for approval, construction planning, preparation of tendering, assistance for tendering, static constructive checks: Dipl.-Ing. Holger Cordes, manufacturing and quality control, visualisation


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