Kardinal-Frings-Brücke over the Rhine river, track geometry replacement

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  • Erneuerung Gleislage Kardinal-Frings-Brücke Düsseldorf

Year of completion


Type of intervention


Contracting authority

Rheinbahn AG



Type of structure

Road bridge

Construction material of superstructure

Reinforced concrete, steel

Total length

779,90 m

Type of structural system

Deck bridge

Span lengths

2x23,8 m + 2x47,4 m + 2x54,6 m + 4x58,2 m + 103 m + 206 m + 103 m

Construction height

7,80 m

Construction width

30,68 m

Services Grassl

Preliminary design, detailed design, planning for approval, construction planning, preparation of tendering, assistance for tendering, construction management, construction supervision, manufacturing and quality control