Design of the new Überseebrücke in Hamburg

2nd Hans Grassl Award


To win the 2nd Hans Grassl Award, in the spring of 2014 the civil engineering master’s students of the Technische Universität Braunschweig specialising in steel construction were given one month to design the new Überseebrücke in Hamburg. Structural, aesthetic, urban planning and economic considerations were to be taken into account.

The Überseebrücke, a covered steel truss bridge, was built in 1927. It was destroyed during the Second World War but was subsequently rehabilitated, using the parts that had survived the war.

The very modern-looking flood protection structure recently built close to the bridge bears no aesthetic relationship to the historical bridge. A new bridge structure was therefore to be designed for the Hans Grassl Award.

In March, the jury judged the work of the student teams.

First place went to Sarah Drees, Christoph Kleemeyer, Matthias Leue and Benjamin Schmidt for their design, which integrates the triangular geometry of the new flood protection structure.

Johanna Rieser, Franziska Rieck and Waldemar Müller tied for second place with Nadine Symossek, Emanuel Schmidt and Kai Schott.


Visualisations of the award-winning student project © Ingenieurbüro GRASSL GmbH

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