Expertise does not arrive on its own. A passion for construction must go hand in hand with expert knowledge, which our specialist staff have in spades. Proven by examinations and frequent updates through audits and supervision.


The experience gained from having executed so many projects can lead for example to prequalification, which is required to apply for contracts for large Deutsche Bahn projects. Quality management systems ensure a high standard of work and are therefore a daily part of our working culture. Certified passion so to speak.


  • Certified checking engineers for buildings, road structures, railways and waterways
  • Government-approved experts for the structural assessment of buildings
  • Government-approved experts for the checking of the structural fire protection of buildings
  • Construction monitoring experts for railways
  • Approval design experts
  • Approval design experts for railways (BVB)
  • Checking engineers for structures
  • Coating inspectors
  • Concrete technologists (E-Schein)
  • Work safety specialists
  • Curtain injection designers for Deutsche Bahn AG structures
  • Specialist engineers for the recurrent checking of structures
  • Specialists for bridge bearings
  • Authorised structural assessment specialists
  • Expert designers for the protection and rehabilitation of concrete elements
  • Specialists for the protection, rehabilitation, joining and strengthening of concrete structures (SIVV-Schein)
  • Welding engineers
  • Bolting engineers
  • Work health and safety coordinators according to building site regulations
  • Remediation specialists for contaminated buildings