Motorway A100, Section 16 - Interchange Neukölln to Exit Treptower Park, New Construction, Berlin


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Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt


New construction

Building Type

Major project

Building Location


Building Name

Interchange Neukölln to Exit Treptower Park, Section 16, Motorway A100

Building Construction Description

New construction of a 6-lane motorway in an urban area under continued traffic of crossing streets and railways.


The planning section has a length of approximately 3.00 km and will be cut into the ground (below ground water level) due to the surrounding urban area. The erection of the structures will take place in dry building pits (two frames method).



One tunnel (length 385.00 m as closed frame structure), trough structures (length 1,850.00 m), supporting structures, four road bridges as prestressed concrete constructions, three railway bridges (two bowstring bridges and one frame bridge), noise protection surface of the trough structures and noise protection walls (length 1,050.00 m, height up to 6.00 m), traffic sign bridges

Building Construction Creative Consulting

Architekturbüro Brigitte Kochta, Berlin

Services: Planning

Preliminary Design

Detailed Design

Construction Planning

Preparation of Tendering


Services: Supervision

Technical Examination

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