Mettlach Saar Barrage




Wasserstraßen- und Schifffahrtsamt Saarbrücken


New construction

Building Type

Hydraulic structure

Building Location


Building Name

Saar Barrage

Building Construction Description

Sluice for commercial and private shipping, weir and weir bridge with control room, bank wall. Commercial sluice: length: 190.00 m, width 12.00 m, depth 4.0 m. Private sluice: length: 40.00 m, width 6,75 m, depth 4.00 m. Weir facilities: 3 fields with a width of 16.5 m, tension breech segments. Bank walls: moles and retaining walls with a length of 1,200.00 m. Shallow foundation

Building Material

Steel, reinforced concrete

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Detailed Design

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Structural Analysis

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