New paths with building information modeling

Building information modelling (BIM), embedded in our digital work processes and networks, opens up new paths for us as engineers, which we help shape. With our extensive range of services, we have been accompanying the entire life cycle in civil engineering for many decades. We live digital networking beyond building information modelling, over the entire life cycle of all our structures, be it building or engineering structure, and always including its environment. Together with our clients, we agree on use cases and methods so that their ecological and economic objectives can be achieved successfully.

Digital integration and the pertaining digital work processes facilitate interface coordination and interdisciplinary cooperation with planning partners in the virtual project space.

The consistent application of the BIM method allows us to use the models for all desired use cases, such as modelling, the automatic generation of drawings, 4D scheduling and 5D cost management.

Our cross-location network furthers the development of our collaborative and integral way of working by carrying out joint projects, workshops and internal and external training sessions.