Superstructure connected in Leverkusen

Construction of the bridge over the Rhine River continues

On 5 September 2023, the last two segments of the northern superstructure of the Leverkusen Bridge over the Rhine River were installed, once more linking the two shores of the river.

Together with all participants, we rejoice over this important milestone and the opening to traffic early next year, which will provide significant relief to commuters and lorry drivers.

As general planner, we designed the bridge replacement in record time on behalf of Straßen.NRW (now called Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes).

For the first time, a girder system that saves over 30% steel compared to those used in similar bridges with traditional cross sections was used in a cable-stayed motorway bridge over the Rhine River. An important contribution to economic efficiency and the saving of resources!

The opening to traffic of the first new superstructure will be followed by the demolition of the existing bridge. We have now been commissioned by Hochtief and SEH to carry out the structural design and we are happy to continue to be part of this exciting project of interregional importance.

An article about the general planning of the widening of the A1, including the replacement of the Leverkusen Bridge, was published in Stahlbau 09/23. The article (in German with English summary) can be downloaded here:

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